Working at FCR

The best people are our advantage

Working with the best professionals

We regularly hire new members for our skilled team of professionals.

Our employees are experienced professionals and rising stars who are in charge of our core operations, i.e. project management. We outsource manual labor to our extensive network of professionals. Our subcontractors are long-term partners who are equally dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Modern Finnish employer

We are a good, reliable employer whose employees enjoy working for us long term. We take good care of our employees, providing continuous development and training opportunities. Our workplace events and benefits help improve the well-being, comfort, and team spirit among our employees.

Diverse experienced workforce

In our core team, we employ people with the same vision and passion for the job. We look at experience, education, and person and employ people from various backgrounds. Over 60% of our workforce has a bachelor’s or master’s degree within their field of specialty.

You may also apply, even if you do not speak Finnish.

Diverse experienced workforce

Training our professionals

We train our team members based on their needs and fields of responsibility. The trainings include everything from safety training to special technical training for processes.

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