Marine Solutions

In addition to sourced materials, we design and manufacture proprietary marine solutions for all of our projects. This allows us to provide the complete value-adding chain only by ourselves, without 3rd parties.

Modular cabin unit

The certified and modular B15 cabin unit allows high-quality and low cost conversions of accommodation areas. The unit is a proprietary marine solution provided only by FCR Finland. The modular B15 cabin unit is based on our own R&D, which means that the whole value chain is controlled only by one provider, from design to manufacturing and installation.

The cabin structure is certified with all penetrations and modules in place, including AC cabin unit, LED down lights with electric wiring, and pipe penetrations with all the necessary wires and pipes. The cabin is the first of it’s kind to be tested as a complete structure for fire integrity.

The modular cabin structure and our services give flexibility to customize the cabin to fit cost-effectively for every need. The delivery is reliable and the process is transparent and easy to follow, because no additional parties are involved.


Ceramic coating for tiles

Rethink retiling – CerCo Marine offers up to 60% savings in costs with an average of 50% faster installation than with retiling.

CerCo Marine is a long-lasting and durable marine solution for challenging surfaces. The coating is certified for marine use and has a hard, abrasion resistant and inherently hydrophobic surface.

This marine industry solution is best used in a variety of wet-spaces onboard. It is cost efficient and allows extremely short installation times. Additionally, it emits almost zero waste and noise during installation, which allows the vessel to operate during the process.

Our global network provides worldwide installation of CerCo Marine ceramic coating.