Special Construction

One of our fastest growing areas of specialty is special construction projects. We have the ability and experience to build durable and high quality concepts on some of the most demanding areas on the planet.

Keeping the environment and nature in mind is essential for our projects. To ensure that, our project management makes sure that everything from infrastructures all the way to the final special constructions is delivered in a way that doesn’t harm the surrounding habitat.


The Emerald residential concept is one of the newest innovations in FCR Finland’s range of special constructions. These new residential units allow you and your guests to experience the wonders of nature, such as northern lights and the seaside, in a luxurious environment.

These specially constructed units are made with high-quality steel, glass, and woodwork, which means that the units will withstand even the most demanding environments. The cost and energy efficient accommodation modules are available in both pre-designed and customized. We want to help you get happier customers with new and magical experiences.

We also deliver turnkey solutions including transportation and installation even to the most challenging places. Ask for a quotation.

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Emerald residential concept