We bring high quality shipbuilding solutions for global newbuilding and refurbishment of passenger vessels. We are specialized in turnkey deliveries of public spaces, restaurants, cabins, suites and other passenger vessel areas for the greatest ships in the industry.

We deliver our shipbuilding projects according to FCR Finland’s core values. Our customers receive luxurious Quality, experience steadfast Reliability and enjoy Timeliness of deliveries wherever the project takes place.


In shipbuilding, our turnkey refurbishment projects for cruise and passenger vessels include management and delivery of engineering, interior design, material supply, project management, installation and guaranteed excellent service. Our strengths are in innovative prefabrication and we trust our experienced managers and installation supervisors.

Our specialties in shipbuilding refurbishment projects consist of public spaces, crew areas, and working areas. We also specialize in accommodation areas such as cabins and suites, for which we provide our own proprietary modular cabin solution.



When it comes to shipbuilding, we have an excellent track record of successful turnkey deliveries to some of the greatest cruise and passenger vessels built over the last century. As with refurbishment, our speciality in newbuilding lies in public spaces, restaurants, cabins, suites and passenger vessels’ hotel areas.

We are able and willing to work globally in new shipbuilding projects. Our team and network is flexible and born global, willing to serve shipyards and ship owners wherever needed.

Newbuiding hall