We bring high quality solutions to the field of global newbuilding and refurbishment of passenger vessels and are specialized in turnkey deliveries of public spaces, restaurants, cabins, suites and all venues in passenger vessels’ hotel areas for the greatest ships in the industry. In addition to this, we work with land and sea-based special construction projects.The deliveries are always made according to the company’s core values. Customers receive luxury Quality, experience Reliability and enjoy the Timeliness of the deliveries wherever the project takes place.


The turnkey refurbishment projects for cruise and passenger vessels include management and delivery of engineering, interior design, material supply, project management, installation and guarantee service. Our strength is innovative prefabrication, experienced managers and installation supervisors.

Our areas of specialty consist of public spaces, crew areas, working spaces and accommodation areas such as cabins and suites, to which we provider a proprietary modular cabin solution.



We have an excellent track record of successful turnkey deliveries to some of the greatest cruise and passenger vessels built in the last century. As with refurbishment, our speciality in newbuilding lies in public spaces, restaurants, cabins, suites and passenger vessels’ hotel areas.



Challenging sea and land-based circumstances require special construction methods and know-how. FCR Finland has the ability and experience to create special constructions in the most demanding places in the planet such a arctic areas that are hard to access and require a lot from the constructions. Our project management makes sure that everything from the infrastructure to the ready-made final construction is delivered in a way that doesn’t harm the surrounding habitat.