Corporate Responsibility

Not just shipbuilding, but also worldbuilding

Value to our clients and the things around our global society

While working in the global field, we want to make sure that in addition to creating value for our clients, we are also making the world a bit better with the ways we know best. This is why we’ve supported multiple causes around the world over the years.

In addition, we emphasize our responsibility to our stakeholders, whether we are talking about our employees, suppliers, or clients.


We aim to support those in need of help. This includes helping those who can’t help themselves in crisis areas and young promising athletes who share our values aiming to be one of the top performers in the world.

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The good environmental decisions we make in our operations and the value chain enable us to reduce our adverse effects on the planet and improve quality and efficiency at the same time.


We make sure that our responsibilities towards our stakeholders are in check. In addition to following the legislative requirements in Finland and globally, we put in the extra effort. We aim to create long-lasting, strong relations to enable high-quality supply chains. We make sure that our teams are well taken care of and have the highest knowledge and experience possible, which are being developed continuously.

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Our economic responsibilities are secured as part of De Wave Group, which gives us support for operations and growth and a strong economic background. This provides stability to our operations and ensures that we are here to support shipyards and ship operators throughout the vessel’s lifecycle and take care of our supply chain.