Corporate Social Responsibility

In addition to creating high-quality services and products to the global shipbuilding industry, we also want to support the community as well as help the environment. The targets of our sponsorship have the same values as FCR Finland in relentless strive to fulfill their wildest visions with quality results.

Baltic Sea Action Group Foundation

Donating for the concrete work on behalf of the Baltic Sea.

Foundation for a Living Baltic Sea is a non-profit organization aiming to restore the ecological balance of the Baltic Sea. With the donation for BSAG’s Christmas campaign, FCR is impacting to fight the climate change and reserve the welfare of the sea from its critical condition. By doing that, FCR is joining to take the action for saving the seas, as well as developing a responsible and environmentally less impactful business.

Baltic Sea Action Group


World’s last wooden barque used for trade across the oceans

FCR Finland has dedicated to participate in sponsoring the renovation project of the precious museum ship. This major renovation project will last for two years and it will be carried out in cooperation with other companies in Turku region and the renewed Ruissalo -shipyard personnel. During the project this beautiful museum ship will get for example new masts, rigging parts and side planks. FCR Finland has already sponsored a new Jib boom for this beauty.

Save Sigyn Ship


An ice hockey team playing in the Finnish national ice hockey league.

TPS Turku is one of the biggest and best team sport clubs in Finland. For decades the three magical letters and the black and white club colours have symbolized football and ice hockey played at the top level both nationally and internationally.

FCR Finland works in a corporate sponsorship with the ice hockey team.

TPS Turku


A motocross team fighting for the Finnish national championship.

FCR Finland Motorsport, in sponsorship with FCR Finland, competes in the Finnish national motocross series with number one series position achieved by #163 Teemu Keljo. The team is making great progress towards the national championship title, with relentless passion and expertise in the sport.

  • Team members
  • MX2: #10 Taneli Kontto
  • MX1: #163 Teemu Keljo
FCR Finland Motorsport


Ambitious floorball team of gifted youngsters.

Playing in the competitive division of Boys 2007 the team is packed with talented players, hungry to develop towards professionality. Building a strong foundation on training conditions, professional coaching, training environment and top class equipment, is essential for young players to grow to the top of the game.

TPS Floorball 07 Kings


Pushing German Floorball forward.

Jesse Backman, Head Coach for DJK Holzbuttgen, second season as head coach in German Floorball Bundesliga, which is the highest level in German Floorball. Jay is leading his team in the Bundesliga but also making a difference in the junior sector of the sports club and pushing the sport towards the world class and Olympic level in floorball. Long term goal for Jay is to make coaching an International full-time job and FCR want to support him in this ambition.

Jesse Backman


A young Tennis pro targeting international fields.

Emma Virtanen is a tennis player whose ranking within Finnish U13 girls is the best possible, number 1. Long term target for Emma is to play tennis as a professional. Shorter term objectives are to climb up in European ranking in her age group and reach the peak of national women’s ranking. Tennis being an international sport and Emma being a Finnish young pro, it is natural that FCR wants to support her in her career.

Emma Virtanen