Experienced and recognized shipbuilding organization

From Finland to the World

Our headquarters are located within a close range of the area, with a history of over three centuries of Finnish shipbuilding. The knowledge, professionals, supplier networks, and an operating shipyard guarantee the best business facilities to work locally and serve the industry globally.

About FCR Finland

Oy FCR Finland Ltd. is a global operator based in Nousiainen, located in the vicinity of Turku, the heart of Finnish Shipbuilding. Our clientele consists of cruise ship owners, operators and shipyards building the finest vessels in the world. We primarily provide shipbuilding and refurbishment turnkey services and solutions. In addition, we can provide more specific services for managing projects, designing interiors, and managing shipbuilding personnel.

FCR in a nutshell

The Beginning

Established a decade ago in 2010, we are born and grown global.

The Business

We’ve grown to a 28M€ company while being on the top level of credit ranking.

The Mission

We are here to create high-quality public spaces in newbuilding and refurbishment projects.

The Team

Our team consists of over 40 employees, a network of 700 professionals and multiple independent consultants.

The Clientele

Our clientele of shipowners of the finest passenger vessels in the world including shipyards as well consists of architects, designers, and specialists.

The Recognition

We have had the honor of being the growth company in Finland two years in a row, as well as other rewards for our efforts.