Visions into reality

“We are a turnkey contractor, and our line of business is to make our customers’ wishes, and even the wildest visions of architects, come true within the predefined budget. The end result must not be overly expensive, and it must have the planned wow effect”, says FCR Finland’s Managing Director Mikko Varjanne. 

Cooperation with FCR’s various partners in Northern Italy ensures that both of these aspects are realized. The partners’ tasks include designing certain fixtures and decorative elements: what they need to look like, which materials are to be used and how they are manufactured.

“At FCR, the technical expertise and the visual properties of the end product are combined in a high-quality manner to ensure high customer value.”

Mikko Varjanne
Managing Director

Transparent process

“Long customer relations help us develop even smoother processes by providing both parties insight into the other party’s ways of operation. FCR uses this philosophy to maintain long-term relations with a variety of good and flexible partners,” says Varjanne. 

FCR has carefully planned processes that allow projects to be completed flexibly and within the defined deadlines. The phases of the process can be visualized, making it easy for customers to keep track of the project’s progress.

“The transparent process creates trust between the customer and us and gives the customer peace of mind. We need to be able to grow, and we can only grow through a clear process. It is a dangerous mindset to stop and say that you are now ready. You must always be willing to advance and develop yourself. Old methods need to be abandoned if they do not create value.”

Transparent process

Tight schedules

In addition to planning, projects include a variety of phases before they are carried out. During these phases, the project is advanced by ensuring the efficiency of the flow before docking. In practice, various tasks are planned, decoration, electrical installation, and air conditioning plans are drawn up, negotiations with subcontractors are held and the required materials are acquired.

The time before docking is very important, as the project must be carried out in 14–40 days, during which the ship is docked due to technical services related to seafaring. “The shorter the docking period is, the better the preparation must be in order to ensure that the project is carried out successfully and within the specified budget.”

Tight schedules

Passion for the industry

FCR’s core team is supported by a network of shipbuilding experts in various projects worldwide. Logistics and the ideal coordination of the personnel both have an important role in these projects. 

Unprecedented events are always possible, of course. There have, for example, been two natural disasters in the ten years of FCR’s existence that have forced them to change their plans. Under such circumstances, FCR relies on committed management close to the operational level and is prepared to react at any time of the day.

Finland has a long tradition of building ships and cruise vessels, and FCR has taken advantage of this culture. As well as a passion for the industry. “Most people who apply for our vacancies are passionate about ships and shipbuilding,” says Varjanne. 

Since De Wave Group’s acquisition in 2022, FCR has continued to deepen the Finnish-Italian cooperation. Through mutual trust that the organizational cultures fit well together, it’s easy to commit to the group’s growth strategy and improve the value for existing and new customers.