Expertise in work and recovery

What distinguishes a successful company from an exceptional one? The answer is quite simple: the staff and their skills. That is why FCR Finland values its skilled and motivated employees. Approximately half of the employees hold a university degree, and people are encouraged to develop their skills actively. 

By looking after our employees and keeping them content, we also ensure that our customers are satisfied. Employees suggest further training modules that interest them on their initiative. No one is forced to attend a course. Instead, the employees are motivated and willing to create ideas.

Employers that are open to learning stand out from the competition

We think employers open to learning new things and developing their operating models stand out from their international competitors. Businesses rely on projects to an increasing extent. That is why project management and project performance are increasingly important skills. 

Project managers are offered the opportunity to complete a project management training module to acquire a certification. It is an excellent way to indicate your expertise and provides a concrete foundation upon which you can build your career in project management.

Looking after well-being is also part of work

In addition to professional skills, FCR also raises its employees’ awareness of their personal well-being. The shipbuilding industry is a demanding line of business in which particular attention to coping must be paid.

FCR has arranged occupational well-being training in order to highlight the significance of a healthy diet and exercise on personal well-being. For example, everyone willing was offered the opportunity to try out the Firstbeat products that analyze recovery, stress, and quality of sleep.

Firstbeat products were also used in a project in Spain. The data acquired indicated that recovery is often neglected in stressful environments. It also shows us how important it is to rest after a long docking period. 

Investments in well-being improve the mood of the employees and the quality of work and promote FCR Finland’s attractiveness as an employer. We aim to recruit team players who are motivated, proactive, and passionate about shipbuilding.

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