From the heart of Finnish shipbuilding to the World

FCR Finland is dedicated to serve the shipbuilding and offshore industries. We specialize in refurbishment, newbuilding and special constructions of land and sea-based structures. Additionally, we can provide more specific services for managing projects, designing interiors and managing shipbuilding personnel.

FCR Finland, founded in 2009, combines over a century of experience within the industry from its four establishing partners. Our headquarters are located within a close range of three centuries of Finnish shipbuilding. The knowledge, professionals, supplier networks, and an operating shipyard building cruise vessels guarantee the best business to work locally and serve the industry globally.

Oy FCR Finland Ltd

Our brands and ventures

Our roots are in cruise ship refurbishment, newbuilding, and special constructions. In addition, FCR Finland has expanded its operations towards different ventures that support the main business. This enables us to provide a better variety of services to our demanding international customers.

  • Oy FCR Finland Ltd

    Cruise ship refurbishment, newbuilding and special constructions.

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  • Shipsu

    One stop shop for marine industry. Connecting marine industry buyers and providers.

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